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I love your description of the old woman. It created a scene easy to visualise. I could see her green eyes and wide smile, and the generosity of her heart towards a road weary traveller.
A simple yet tender story. Well written. Thanks for sharing! God bless!
Oh, this is good. I was wondering where the title fit in... I thought I knew, and you revealed that I was right at the end. Good job!
Loved the imagery in your poem, how it drips along from stanza to stanza building and increasing the emotion needed to feel the message at the end!

Yes, most would think it outlandish to give when one is so poor, just like the widow in the bible, giving what little she had, but it being(meaning)so much! God loves outlandish acts such as this!

Good job!
Excellent, masterful use of words.
Your word pictures are as clear as morning sun after a night of hard rain. Excellent! Thanks for sharing this.
Great word pictures.
Brilliant! Skilled use of words from the first line, which made me chuckle, through to the end. Beautifull.
lovely poetry :-)
I loved this story. It would be so hard to accept anything; I’d feel the need to give back, which would be inappropriate. All the more reason to share randomly with those in need. Great piece!