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Absolutely delightful take on the end of the world phenomena. I'm sure your MC is one of my good friends, because that's exactly how me and my friends viewed the whole subject. :) Great writing! God bless!
Loved the way you mock the worldly hysteria of lost soap operas and false prophet rapture prediction in this lighthearted story.

The symbolism and fun of hubby taking the news to the john, having clean underwear in a situation, where if real, all that would matter is clean inner wearthe where were you scenarios, all denoting your humorous mockery! Serious, powerful message delightfully delivered!
All I can say is this is a great example of how I felt when hearing about this...I just couldn't figure out how to say it. Thanks so much for eloquontly, and hilariously, putting into words what so many of us wanted to say. You have a real gift for subtle humor, which in my mind is much funnier most of the time.

Thanks for sharing this with us!
Drama! Drama! Drama! Love it!
I enjoyed your self-deprecation and humour, even as you feel for those who have been taken in by well-meant but inevitably deceptive teaching on a date that Jesus himself did not know. It's worth recalling that Jesus said it was not for us to know such times.
I smiled through this entire piece. :)
Interesting take on the topic from a fictional angle. Like you, I also wrote about the May 21 outlandish claim and about the pets care service, but from a serious note for a devotional Bible study. The partying will not be the same for all the claims, but when the day comes for us to meet our Lord face to face, what a great celebration is will be!
This is great! Made me LOL with the clean underwear and Y2K comments. I well remember that hysteria. Thanks for a humorous look at something that is truly outlandish.