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Rushing right out to buy my own spritzer bottle. Smiled all the way through this. Good job! God bless!
I love this! Hysterical! And your timing and pace are exquisite.

Of course, how could I say anything else, lest I be next?
A masterpiece of imagery and humor! Loved it!
Great descriptive writing. Your story reminded me of a Siamese cat I owned years ago named "Willard." He grabbed everything and everyone that moved. A spritzer would have come in handy to use on him.
Delightfully entertaining! (I have a friend who used to squirt water on her children whenever they fought in the backseat of the car. Worked like a charm).
That large grey pointed nose -- at first I thought you'd taken a mouse or a rat for a pet! After I figured out the intruder was a cat (and haven't we all acquired a cat that way?) I was hooked. I really think you should do another version of this article for Parent Magazine -- you could revolutionize parental discipline! LOL.
Thanks for such a fun read. I laughed so much that it hurt; and who knows when I'll be feline my old self again.
But please, please; never take your bottle to church, for if you ever think the preacher has said: "Let us spray," the results may be quite cat-astrophic!
I hope the judges also smile in your direction, as you have built this story so well.
PS. If you want to make your cat's job easier, feed it some cheese - and then it will have 'baited breath!"
Hilarious. Loved it. Reminded me of my 'Bluebell' who lived to be 17 years. Even our big German Shepherd got a swipe on the nose from her paw.
Loved this - loved picturing the rodent grapevine. Excellent writing. Thanks for sharing.
Yes, Yes, indeed! Masterfully and skillfully crafted. Absolutely loved the title!
Congrats on your Highly Recommended win