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Lovely, well written, well thought out piece. And I love the prayer at the end.

One comment, though. The second to last paragraph is full of 'tell', where as the rest of the piece is 'show'. It's a little jarring to be interrupted by so many scripture references in parentheses. It sounds awful for me to say that scripture references are an interruption, when scripture is actually the whole point, of truth, of our lives, however, the rest of your piece is so beautiful, so relevant, and so relatable that you have already made your case. I even think you could omit the second to last paragraph and have a very powerful, nicely flowing piece, and perhaps list a string of scripture references at the bottom of the page.
Very relevant story article about false prophet Harold Camping and any others making claims that deviate from biblical truth!

I could not understand how so many could have gotten caught up in this when the Bible clearly tells us, only God the Father knows the day and hour, not even Jesus or the angels know! People just plain need to STUDY their bibles and never rely on any mans word!

Also, such predictions from these false prophets harm real Christianity, giving unbelievers more reason to try and discount the Bible! So sad. But warned in the Bible these false prophets would be here!

Good reminder we need to be on our knees and in the Word more than ever!
My thoughts on this piece match the previous comment,and the prayer at the end is one we should all be praying in these troubled times that Jesus spoke about. A timely piece. Thankyou for writing this.
I enjoyed your piece; you said much of what Id been thinking for the last several weeks concerning Harold Camping. This article was well written.

On the other hand, here we are, writing primarily fiction. I sincerely hope that nobody mistakes one of our pieces of fiction as a literal claim or prophesy! And I wonder, who exactly is using the Lords name in vain or introducing destructive heresies? You make it sound widespread and common, but it seems fairly isolated to me.

Still, its your article and you make good points. Thanks for writing.
Your case is strong, yet the tragedy is that gullible people will be deceived by unbiblical teaching and they may be exploited by the pet carers. Yet we have the opportunity to invite people to a relationship, that rests on intimacy with God rather than on information that creates distractions from him.
Amen and amen. Wonderful truth, well written and expressed. Right on topic.
this is so topical both to the theme of the challenge and to the current events. I could really see this as an editorial in a magazine.
I to had heard about this 'pet insurance' and thought it ludicrous and must say i thought 'it could only happen in America' however UK also is a nation of pet lovers but sadly there are only a few people who really believe the rapture will come and there was scoffing.
As christians we believe that we will not know the exact time but need to be ready. I dont think that pet insurance was necessarily part of the message :-) great story hope it wins!! would make a great topic for a fictional piece as
Congratulations on your placing!
Congratulations on your placing. I wrote about the same topic, but more as a satire. Everyday should be preparation for Judgement Day. Great prayer for discernment of HIS truth.
Congratulations Edmond! Well done!
First, I'm so happy to see this recognized with a ribbon. Congrats! Yes, those were my concerns, that the predictions would play right into the hands of the scoffers, "Where is his coming?" and at the same time, I think many were made aware of this event, and while I hate it when they make a mockery of Christianity, perhaps some of this could fall into the "whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice." Philippians 1:18 ...again, super message here, Edmond!