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Ummm...I can tell after just the second story in advanced that we are going to have some WEIRD stories this week. :)

I think this one was well written and it kept me interested throughout. I was a little dissapointed in the ending, though. It seemed to suddenly change gears and end abruptly. It left me somewhat confused and there was no closure for me. Maybe that was the point, though?
I am like Joe, I really enjoyed the story and am sitting here trying to put the pieces together but I feel like I am missing some.

I get all the Fantasy Island TV show references. Kenny being little and ending up having the name tattoo. Mr Roarke running things. But it has been a long time since I saw the show and I am left feeling I am missing a clue or a message in the story somewhere.

But it was a fun read and fun trying to figure out the clues within!
Very funny and entertaining. A clever mash up of outlandish and Fantasy Island. All I want to know is, Roark is his father, right?
I must admit to joining some of the confusion about Mr Roarke. Whether he was "Tattoo's" father is not readily a-parent, and the Alcatraz plane seemed to be a disjointed factor, but hey - Outlandish is the game of the name!