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Tears running down my face. This beautifully presented view of the reality of Alzheimers touched me because I am now dealing with dementia with my dad and I know the pain, on both sides. Powerful, raw honest piece, so well done!
Very well expressed, neither making light of the situation nor dredging every twinge of the heartache that is obviously there. God bless you.
Tears running down my face too. We've just moved my FIL to a nursing home. He has Alzheimers and dementia. SO hard. My hope is that one day in heaven, I will meet him and know him as he was before sickness made him a shell of who he really is. Powerful, emotional piece. Thanks for this!
I ended up with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Very emotional and tremenously well written! Thank you!
Excellent! You perfectly encapsulated the feelings of the caregiver. We all want to "do it ourselves," but it almost always becomes impossible with Alzheimer's.
From heartracing suspense to heartaching tenderness, this is a beautifully written piece.
This is an awesome piece of writing you have presented us with. It is so good I wish I had not even bothered to enter the competition this week. It's not just the storyline, it is your humble and understated way of rolling it out to us. The pace of this story is so well controlled, quickening and slowing in all the right places, that it's like a heartbeat througout. I really thank you for sharing this and I hope everyone gets the opportunity to read it this week.
This really touched me, my sister and I having recently put our mom in a care facility. She has dementia, and although she remembers us, she does not remember my children or grandchildren. She cries so much from frustration of trying to remember, trying to carry on a conversation. Thanks for sharing this story. God bless!
A heart breaking story that stirs deep within. You have brought out the emotions and the understanding of what it means to hang on to God's word and promise despite of circumstances. Thank you for sharing this. God bless.
This brought tears to my eyes and what a perfect fit for the topic. Well done.

Congratulations for ranking 6th in your level and 16th overall!