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Beautiful imagery, and a great message. Love the final scene.
All I can say is "WOW". I really like this. The imagery is so powerful and the message of the uselessness of putting our faith or hope in people is life changing. When the mc finds Jesus at the end, I feel the welling up of hope and faith and love in my soul as if it's me there, running to Him. You brought me in, made me despair and made me exult. You cannot ask for a better piece of writing than that.
Loved it! Well written and thought provoking! God bless!
Awesome writing, between the descriptions and the built up suspense as she searched was wel done. I liked how she saw shadows of what would seem like love but people doing empty deeds so she continues on looking for the real Mc Coy.
I was drawn in as well and could picture myself at the end with your words."He was staring at her, a stare that compelled her to come. She crept slowly at first, then ran and when he reached out and she accepted his touch, then knelt before him, she knew she had found the greatest place of all." Great job!
Oh this is a powerful piece. When my mom died I declared hope something awful that just made me hurt more. I've since learned that Faith and Hope go hand in hand to find True Love.

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