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Well written - draws you in - but sad. God bless you.
Got me wondering if the tatoo-less guy was an angel or something. I didn't expect him to be there. I like it that the kid was reminded that he had a choice. It was a good thing to leave it open ended. Leave you wondering what he decided to do.
Yes, I agree, I like how you ended the story, leaving us wondering what happened next. Great message and characters were described well. Good job! Well written.
Love the title. The story was moving, made me wish I always had someone like that whenever I stand at such a decision crossroad. Then I started thinking, perhaps I do, if only I'd notice.
I really like the effect of leaving the story open ended...makes the reader feel at the end as if they are Derrick and have to decide! And at one time or another we all do, don't we?! At one time or another we all have to decide... what choice! Well Done!
Great writing - all the best with it! Thanks1
This is very well written and it draws you along. It flows well and, while the point was excellent, it could have been about just about anything and I would have read it because your voice is strong and your dialogue realistic. You made me see it vividly. Great job!
Every young person at a crossroads should read this! Choices follow us for our entire lives. Well written! God bless!
This story really draws the reader in. From your descriptions,I was right in the room with your mc, pushing for him to make the right choice. Good job!
I too felt like I was in the room witnessing this scenario. And I loved the courage of the guy with no tatoos. Great writing!
As always I love your story. This should be required reading in all Middle schools. I think many more 8th or 9th graders would get more from this than they do Silas Marner (lol)

Congratulations for ranking 12th in your level!