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Well said, and a message to be heeded. Thank you for writing it.
I loved this. It was great, so creative and sadly so true. You did a wonderful job delivering A sermon without coming across as preachy- Well done on this well-written message.
Very creative and well written message--We are to be led by the Spirit in our daily dealings with people.
What an important message - to BE Jesus to the world, not just talk about Him amongst ourselves. Well written, too - nice job on this topic!!
What a marvelous little sermon you preached here!
May God ever burden our hearts for the needy all around us...may we look at all people as being made in the image of God.
A most excellent piece that challenges us all to see others as Jesus sees them, then to display His compassion and love to them. Great job!God bless!
Excellent message on prejudices and how we should see beyond the external and not push Bible facts before one is ready for them. We certainly need "outgoing compassion and new respect for those around us whose needs may not be immediately obvious."
Great job Noel, and a wonderful reminder. I personally spend way too much time preaching to the choir. If we are not "outgoing" we will continue to spend a lot of time talking to the same people who've already heard it or they don't want to hear it. Thank you!
I had hear another story similar to this (told as true story) of a visiting evangelist that came to a wealthy church and came early and did something like the Pastor in your story, pretended to be a homeless bum type. In that case revival broke out toobut isnt it a shame things like this would even have to be done to wake up sleeping Christians and congregations! Makes you wonder how many churches would reject Jesus Himself if He didn't appear as they think He should! I really like the part in your story where it says to list five people that you run into daily and usually ignorewe ALL need to have a list like that and USE it and continually update it! Well done story with powerful message!
You've written a beautiful piece reminding us to see all the people of the world with God's eyes. I actually had a preacher do something similar once. It was very powerful.

Brilliant! I'm with you all the way with this powerful message. And as always skillfully delivered!
A profound message we all need to heed. It is so easy to get caught up in our Christian ruts. Thank you.