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A nice commentary on value and treasure. I was a bit confused at the end -- at first I thought there were two hutches and that he would not sell the contents of the second hutch but on re-reading decided it was one hutch that he emptied to finance his daughter's education. Instead of don't telling us that she didn't realize the value of the objects, I would like to see her growing awareness. Loved the ending -- new car, proud license plate.
This was a delight to read. I almost tried to turn the radio down myself. The alliteration was great, it set the whole tone of the story. Great job showing how much a father loves his daughter.
Heartwarming story of a father's love and how children often dont appreciate the magnitude of that love, just like we often do with our own heavenly father. Enjoyed the read!
There was warmth all the way through this, and I loved both the father and the daughter from the very start. The ending was wonderful, and reminds me of the verse asking us to think of how much earthly fathers love their children, and how much more our heavenly Father loves and cares for us.
I like how you have built from the high-pressure advertising at the beginning to the contrasting hard work of the delayed gratification at the close. And you've infused it with love all the way through.
Very well done.
I loved your story. Poignant and well done!
I love the tone and voice, a delightfully witty sarcasm that makes me wish we could have tea together and I could listen to you talk some more. Unless you prefer coffee, I could do that instead :)
Loved the story! A loving and devoted parent, a child embarrassed...until they mature enough to appreciate the depth of love and sacrifice - very true to life. Good story! God bless!
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Enjoyed the story and its ending of the license plate that sounds like 'Junk Master.' We certainly should never doubt the value of precious junk and the sacrifice of a father.

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