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This is absolutely charming! You really "nailed" the teens in this. I felt like I was right there! (With the character name you chose it looks like I was, too, lol.) Good tie-in to the topic, too. Great read!
LOL. Awkward tween angst. Loved it.
Well-captured re-entry to the drama of teenage years. A great story.
Cute story. I wish you didn't tie it up quite so quickly with a happy ending, though. That seemed a bit unrealistic. Trust me, I work in a high school. Oy:)

Would be fun to see sequels come from this, yes? :)
Shelly and Lauren could be the next characters in Nancy Drew like series. You made them that believable and likeable. Loved the story and believed it all until the very me the conclusion seemed to be a bit too pat. But, that's just me. Really good story!
LOL! I can see how that sentence might be misinterpreted. Your humor was contagious! I enjoyed this very much.
A delightful read. The ending could have been written in so many different ways -- that's what makes writing fun, isn't it,and keeps readers reading.
An interesting read showing the dangers of ambiguous speech leading to misunderstandings. I like the characterization and the depiction of high school days.
Cute story that captured emotions and drama of High School days quite well! Even maybe some romance in the works at the end! LOL Enjoyed the read!
Your story is frightening, funny, and embarrasing, all at once.

We all do such dumb things at times,when growing up, and even after that. It's nice to see in your story that the young man is forgiving and tolerant. Happy endings are always nice.