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LOL. POOF. LOL again.

So funny. I thoroughly enjoyed this one.
Oh, I'm so tempted to go political here.... It's a fun read, that's for sure, and very well written. A little close to current events to keep it from being side-splitting. But really good!
When it comes to willpower, "the weak may inherit the girth," but should we weight until 2038?
A good fun story.
I like Bob. Bob is fun. :) Enjoyed seeing how easily he exasperated the grouchy officer.
Wow, what an interesting law! I'll bet it would cut down on the obesity level in America.
Definitely a good chuckle! Great writing! God bless!
Oh, I love this! It's a good thing I'm in my nightgown in bed or I may have busted my pants from laughing so hard. My scary part of my brain is screaming stop laughing. It could come truer But my sky is purple part of the brain can't stop laughing at the MC and the bizarre dialog. This is one of my favorites! POOF Ha Ha!
With the way things are going now with government control, getting so out of control, I can clearly see this as possibly happening in the futureso much so, I personally find it hard to really laugh at! Unique use of challenge word! To me, just a powerful, wonderfully written scenario to ponder!! Great job!
Congratulations for placing 8th in level 3!