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"Blowout" in so many ways and on so many levels and what a fun read! Reminds me of the saying growing old is mandatory, growing up optional but I can relate to that, my hubby and I both say we always want to stay part kid inside! LOL Since I dont like change too well I think I will stick with Birthday, but B'earthday sounds real cute, but then again it sounds like something those political correctness types might hound me with! LOL This story was so vivid, I could easily envision it as I read and I enjoyed the read beginning to end!
Ah, the blessings of good memories and a rocking chair. You're set. Somehow I think there is a sequel to this story and the good wife; don't get even, get ahead comes to mind. You did, didn't you?
What great, light-hearted, rollicking good fun!! Thank you!
Love you story - and how you have told it. Just great fun and great writing. God bless you.
I enjoyed this fun read!
You certainly do like your puns! ;)
This was fun, and I had to laugh at the wax getting on the cake. Thanks for sharing a delicious piece of your past with us.
This is bang on topic and very entertaining. I would like to have read another 750 words. I think I recognise the author in the humour. Will be interesting to see if I'm right!
What a truly delightful story enhanced all the more by your superb writing skills. God bless!
This was a fun read. There's nothing like a good giggle before going to bed. You really did a great job (old or not) you can write!
Your unique humor should be patented! LOL (and a smile at the question posed to the 95 year old man) It's too bad you couldn't post pictures within your entry of that cake with candles blazing. You had me completely entertained!
Great story Noel, you did a fantastic job with this! Thank you!