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Dear Phee,

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Oops ... not such a private message after all. Sorry about that. LOL. Deb
Oh wow! So sad. I hope this girl finds some real friends that share the same values - and SOON! because not all working girls are like these girls portrayed in the story.

Wish you would have had more words so you have have given it a happier ending and so Christine didn't end up at Weight Watchers the next day. :) Nice writing:)
Sorry that Deb blew your cover, Phee, but I did not enjoy reading this. Here I am trying to lose weight and you fill my eyes with visions of so much food that I just had to go and make myself a sandwich!!!
Bur seriously, you have neatly profiled the awkwardness and loneliness that come with having different values to your work colleagues. Your MC has stuck to her guns, so I hope she also stuck to her diet.
Congratulations on the bonus prize. What a lucky girl!

I can't imagine someone eating all of that "stuff" by one's self. You MC will have a good case of indigestion.

The stress of working in our politically correct society. Good work.
So sad those girls valued their “booze” more than they did Christine’s feelings! The best thing they did for her was leave. I wish someone could have showed up, that was worthwhile, to help Christine eat all that food, instead of her pigging out herself! LOL If she ate all of that herself, I’m sure she would be sick!

Was a good story showing people’s character, worldly behavior versus Christian behavior, but reminded me of how a bunch of immature High School girls would act!