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You did a good job building up your story. Poor police man trying to do a good deed. I bet he gets teased about that one. I think you should have worked a bit more on the punch line. It fell a bit flat, not too bad, though. Nice job!
Fun story. A case of nothing is at it seems. I see lots of this type of malformation information passing around on the Internet. It's like the game telephone, somebody hears a portion of a story, and passes it down the road, filling in the blanks where needed.
Oh how I love Nan! And that's so like the media to get it wrong. It kind of makes it scary, wondering what they get right! You're stories have a James Patterson feel about them. I often feel like like I'm reading or could be reading a chapter from his book- Just to be clear inmy eyes that's a huge complement because even if I pick up one of his books I've read before I still can't put it down.
Good idea, well written with believable dialogue and realistic characters. The story is funny and smart. The only thing I would suggest is the same as the the first comment...the last line from Nan is the only piece of dialogue that doesn't feel believable. But that's kind of nitpicking, I think. It's a good piece that I like alot.
An enjoyable, credible, rug-puller story.
Cute and entertaining short story that mocks the truth of how out of hand media, trying to get first scoop, can instead become a circus of misinformation. Interesting story to work around the challenge word!