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You certainly put your MC in the ultimate situation to witness to sacrificial love as demonstrated by Jesus. I can't help but wonder when the doubter reached earth, were they duly changed? From what you wrote, I think they just might have been.
The best story of a "true" witness I've read in a long time!
Beautiful writing. Superb descriptions. Ultimate hero. I hope Im not being too picky here though, but I did feel I had to suspend belief quite a bit to accept that the plane had parachutes for passengers and they had time to jump in an orderly fashion. But it was a great way to show an example of selfless sacrifice and it was done skillfully. :-)
Captivating story with a marvelous ending! Well done and superb writing skills! God bless!
You set the scene so artistically, before zeroing in on the challenge to your MC's faith. I also was surprised about the parachutes being supplied and used so calmly, but I thought your closing sentence said it all.
I enjoyed the story line and descriptive phrasing. Since commercial aircraft do not carry parachutes, this part of the story doesn't work. The concluding point conveys a great message and makes this a worthwhile read.
The man put his faith into action perfectly and I think, maybe in the future - maybe they used parachutes? :) all's good.
Wow, your title is perfect! Your message shines through. I was so totally absorbed in your story. Great!
Congratulations on ranking 10th in level 3!
Wow! I didn't see that ending coming. That's how Jesus loved us, though. He gave his life so that we could be saved. Outstanding work! Congrats on placing.