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Beautiful writing in this piece. I felt I was right there in the scene. The repetition was effectively used. Great job.
Wow. I am practically speechless. This is AMAZING! The endless compassion of our Lord oozed from every word and description. How did Jesus make it through the crucifixion? He kept His mind focused on the ones He loved.

Masterfully done!
I teared up while reading your inspiring story of our Savior's crucifixion. Very well done.
Beautiful story told at the appropriate time of Easter.

All that sin in people that he was well aware of, and giving is life for us - awesome!

Keep inspiring us!

Absoultely wonderfully written. The images so real, the anguish brought about by your words and story so tangible to the heart. I liked, too, the way you showed that even in His suffering as a prisoner - condemned by man - people in the crowd looked to him and were convicted and freed. Super job. Kudos!
Wow, the last paragraph is especially powerful. Wonderful job. It reminds me of the line from the song, "He lived to die, and thought of me, above all."
Passionate and powerful plus personal. I was carried away by the words and the scene but especially by the heart of this re-telling. Only one thing, the quote from Jesus cry on the cross, seemed a mixture of King James and a new version. Maybe I am remembering it wrongly but I think it is, 'My God, my God why hast (not, 'have') Thou forsaken me.' Small thing but it jarred. Still it is a wonderful piece and heart wrenching. Inspirational beyond measure.
This is such a powerful piece. I am in awe of the way you presented the story of our Lord's sacrifice in such a unique way. I especially loved the ending. Very well done. Thanks for sharing.
Very nicely done. I loved how you got into the mind of God in this well-written piece.
Loved the way Jesus connected with others all the way to the hill of His death. But your powerful and profound ending said it all for me! Great writing!
Exceptionally well written reliving the moments of our Lord's pain and agony. Excellent piece.
This is super powerful. Its a great image of what Jesus suffered, but then the last paragraph just made it all the more gripping.

I think we often view the crucifixion as just something of the past, but you did an incredible job at making it present and tangible.
Congrats on your Editor's Choice, Shann! Wow, told ya that you did a great job. ;)
Wow Shann! I had goosebumps all through it, and bawled at the end! Well deserved win!
Congratulations Shann! Beautiful writing and awesome job! Well deserved win!
Congratulations on your second place win in Level 3 and your EC placement.
I'm in AWE! Spectacular ending and emotionally encapsulating throughout. Absolutely excellent my friend.
Awesome, awesome, awesome! Congrats on your placement! Well done! God bless!
Beautiful. I liked the style, the pace. I especially enjoy stories with strong endings, and this one was perfect. It would have been easy to have let the story come to its natural conclusion, but you made it real; you made it relevant. Well done!
Congratulations on your placing for this stunning piece. Emotions are vividly expressed and this entry tugged at my heart.
This was quite an amazing piece of writing. Congratulations on your placement.
Congratulations Shann on placing 2nd and also EC. Well deserved.
This is so powerfully presented in its clarity and compassion, and its reach through time. Congratulations on your placing. Well done Shann.
What an amazing piece of writing! It really says a lot. Thank you for this.
Wonderful Shann, congratulations!!
Shann, I was so happy to see this in EC. What a beautiful tribute to our Lord your story is.
So very happy to see this place so highly. Congratulations, Shann.
Very nicely done.
Congratulations on your EC, Shann!
Shann -- this is wonderful, super congrats on your Editor's Choice award!!!
I can only agree with all the others, a well deserved win indeed!
Just got back from out of town. I want to add my congrats for this beautifully written piece. I liked the repetitive refrain.
Superbly done!
Dear Shann,

What a powerful recreation of Christ's death on the cross. Your repeated words echoed throughout.

I cried throughout. This piece really drove the physical and emotional elements home.

Congratulations on your well deserved EC award. Thank you for all your critiques. They have been very helpful and mean a lot to me.
Shann!! WOW! Congrats on your EC--what a celebration you must have had! Your story is poignant, powerful and personal. How amazingly well you bring out the thought that Jesus had us in mind as he died on the cross! Joan xxx
Wow, Shann, what can I say? The Lenten season just started for 2012 so I thought I would add my comment to all of these from last year. Awesome writing. I, quite literally, could not speak by the end of this piece. Masterful work.
And I believe that is exactly as it was / is my friend. We sit here crying and screaming in pain, a pain that he heard and felt close in His Spirit as He hung on that cross and died for us. You wrote about golgotha too, and did it with such intensity and love from our Lord's point of view,.That must have been an incredible week for you as you were preparing this, as the Lord showed you what is was like for Him. I wish I could have been around when you got this EC. I wonder how many you have gotten since (I am smiling as I write this)? -- yet the first is always special. I can't think of a more special writing to have accomplished that with. A belated congrats to you and I can't believe you were ever not in Masters! I am so glad we are friends Shann, Hugs!