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It took me 2 reads to really understand what was going on, then when it hit me, my heart hurt and I understood the pain, anger, and confusion.

I remember when I was growing up it seemed liked everything possible was a carcinogenetic. Still today cancer is a terrifying word.

I wasn't quite sure how the topic fit in unless Hector and the MC were both waiting for a miracle, a handout, from God.

The pace of your story and the way it jumps from topic to topic really sets the tone of how a recently diagnosed cancer patient would react. Nice job.
This writing in the beginning was really irritating me. Jumping around, nothing she said making any sense. I was about to stop reading when it started to change. I stayed with it and finished and could only then appreciate the mastery of what you had done. You skillfully put me in the same position as Jim, and made me feel the same confusion and irritation he was feeling. That was brilliant. Great job!
Having read the above two comments I read through this entry very slowly and carefully, and have to totally agree that it is skillfully constructed. An original take on the topic, well writen. Excellent.