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You have written a call to action complete with Biblical instructions. Well done.
I really liked how you mentioned the needs of the world, but reminded us not to forget those in need right near us. Even when times were hard my kids were excited to buy a Christmas present for a needy child. Each year we buy enough meat to full our freezer but we always remember to give some to others in need. It's an important lesson for parents to give their kids, Great message,
More than many years ago, when I was starting out on my own, an uncle gave me some advice in relation to a particular man who had become a tramp. (Hobo or bum.) He said, "If you meet him in town and he asks your for money, don't give him any. Offer to buy him a meal, but don't give him the money to buy a meal for himself. He will only buy liquor." I rememered that, and when later I was approached by the same man I offered to buy him a meal. He refused my offer. This scenario has been repeated many times over the years with some refusals and some acceptances. When I became a Christian I learned to offer the Gospel as well - again with some refusals, but with a few acceptances. Your grammar needs a tweak here and there, but your heart-cry is great. May God bless you.
Some great reminders here that we all need to hear, especially in these financially difficult times. It's easy to "harden your heart" and "judge" those who are not financially stable. But that's not our job. Thanks for the lesson.
Your inspirational article reminds us there are suffering people all around us. Jesus said in Mark 9:41, "For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward."
I like the message here of "giving wisely"!

We should all make prayerful decisions before just giving handouts, sometimes just throwing money at a person or situation only causes more destruction spiritually and physically.

So good points made in this piece and fits the challenge topic perfectly.
Absolutely excellent and challenging teaching. Thanks!