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This piece is a good reminder of the need to be looking for ways to give to others. The last bit about Bob's illness seemed to take a little bit away from the focus. Overall, I enjoyed this story.
I like your story - it is well told without building a feeling of self-consciousness. And it explains the dificulties of being the Givee very clearly. Good work. God bless you.
Loved this, everything about it. So much insight to both the giver and givee. I could see this story being published (somewhere). Great writing!
This is very real, and well-written. The ending was a bit of a surprise, but that often happens in life, doesn't it...when we expect the road to keep going along a certain way, and suddenly there's a dip or a curve. Giving and receiving just aren't as simplistic and uncomplicated as we'd like to believe, because God has many lessons to teach both in giving and in receiving.
Bless you, and your writing!!
I love this message. I have said the same thing to people. If you don't allow me to be the giver sometime then I don't have that happy feeling when you give without expecting anything in return. Nice job!
Not to take away from your story but I am confused because doesn't being "giver" or "givee" mean exactly the same thing? I don't understand "givee" being used here as meaning being the "taker" ???

That aside the story was wonderful! It is always to me, so much easier to be the one giving than the one accepting, but yes, that does cheat others from a blessing if you don't accept!

Having the part about Bob passing on, tacked on the end of this makes it seem like it may be a true story.

Great message here!
What a great story. It is so difficult for some to be on the receiving end of someone else's giving. Especially those of us who are very independent. But Bob and Merilyn were right, and their words of wisdom on the subject are good to remember and share. The end was surprising and perhaps didn't follow an expected formula, but, as someone else noted, neither does life. I think the inclusion of what happened to Bob (as a direct result of another aspect of his giving) was a good choice in this true story. Thanks so much for sharing this.