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I love fairy tales that get modernized. I giggled quite a bit and could visualize it all.

My only red ink might be the feelings of real dwarfs (little people) might be hurt by some of your jokes.

other than that other than that I thought it was quite delightful. I loved the play on the apple and you have a great sense of humor. Nice take on the topic too.
I laughed because it was clever and witty... but then I was sad because I hated to see the lovable dwarfs become criminals! LOL I think it may need another paragraph where they repent! LOL
Very funny and witty, and well constructed too. It read easily and flowed well, which is more important to humor than most people think. Most important is the timing of when and where you pull the trigger with the funny imagery or lines. That takes a natural instinct and is hard to teach - that is something you definitely have a knack for. Nicely done.
I love your sense of humour!