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Your pain comes through so credibly against the cheapening of life as market forces look for the next gimmick to exploit! This is a totally credible scenario, however regrettable it is.
Your title summed it up so well.
Well written, very appropriate title. You can trace back to when prayer was removed from schools in 1962 and see the progressive, downward spiral of morals in our society.
Powerful treatment of a painful reality. I thought it was a good approach. My only qualm was in the supposition that the nurse and counselor should "know best." Certainly their indignation at the whole episode is spot on but maybe not by stating that they above all others should "know best." It is a very strong statement that rattles many cages. Really a small point in the scheme of things. All in all, well written emotive piece.
These days I would not be surprised at all if some money hungry executive did try this. A very well written and unique concept that had me as irate as the characters. May God bless our kids and help us as parents fight the battle for their innocence.
This sentence provided some comic relief to what is a very serious issue today.

"She was crying because she wasn't pregnant!"

Thanks for highlighting the issue, even though I thought 45 youngsters were an unrealistic number for a TV show to have influenced, even for today.

As a former school nurse, I enjoyed walking down memory lane with your MCs.
Creative use of topic. It's absolutely alarming to see the influence TV has on our children.
Shame on you! Don't you know that television, that bastion of pure motives, only REFLECTS society, not influence it? Was that appropriatly sarcastic? This is an excellent example of exactly how that sort of thing could happen. Of course television influences those who watch it - and they know it, that's why they charge billions per year to advertisers.
Very well written and a heart-felt expose on the influence of the media as well as the naivete of some who worship at its steps. I was glad to see, however, that you also showed those who are aware and would stand against it.
A very sad reality. The feelings and the message came through in your writing. We certainly ought to pray and rally against such inhumane propaganda.
You have me worked up about this! Its really too bad that tv has become that important in our lives. I love your writing, you always do such a good job at soliciting emotion and portraying believable characters
This is a well-written piece. It made my stomach churn because of some of the underlying truths and the reality of society today. I hope you find a place to submit this so a wider audience can see what effect TV has on teens.
Very good take on the subject "Outbreak"!

I too, am so sick of TV making acceptable what God tells us is unacceptable and it seems every year they push the boundaries of making immoral behavior seem right! And yet the TV audience is to blame maybe even more because if we would boycott the immoral shows in large enough numbers, the ratings would put an end to it, but funny how the trashier, especially “reality” TV, becomes, the bigger hits they seem to be! The piece is sure an eye-opener that we ALL need to take action!
Outbreak? YES! Great subject matter. Thank you for addressing this with points right-on-the-nose about the attitudes some teens have towards THE teen pregnancy show...and it's repercussions. Enjoyed your story!
Congratulations Shann for placing 8th in level 3 with this well written, original and bang on topic entry.
Congratulations, you truly deserve it Shannikins! As always, very creative while addressing the disheartenting allure of glamour and fame to young girls at any cost. OUTSTANDING! :)