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I've been going back and forth on whether to comment on this one. Finally, as I re-read it this morning I felt a need. There is a lot of truth in this short piece, and a lot of "ouch" stuff that really makes me say "that's me". I guess my one hesitation is the last line, because I don't believe that Jesus "plus" anything is the key to my freedom...for me, it's just Jesus. Period. If I truly have Him, then the others are the fruit He will produce in my life.
If give the reader quite a bit to think about and I think that's a really good thing When we hear others thoughts and opinions it challenges us to know what we believe.You used some great scripture references to make your points. Nice job
I loved the voice in this! I felt like I was sitting on my grandmas front porch benefitting from all her wisdom.
I do agree with the first commentor though, that it comes across somewhat that you believe Jesus + works = salvation. I doubt that was the intention. I'm guessing you meant that these were the keys to an abundant life in Christ, not keys to salvation.
I tracked with you right through each of your points, keys to experiencing the abundant, Christ-centered life God has offered us. I felt the Biblical references to gates opened the way to the heart of your message. I could see myself teaching the concepts you portrayed. I like it Kim.