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A moving commentary on the human condition and the role of grace. Thank you.
This is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. I would guess you've had some experience in the military if so I thank you and thank every servicemembers and their families. Thank you so much.
This may or may not be a true story, but it does remind us of the unpleasant job of responders to widespread tragedies as in Haiti in Japan. Your piece evoked a host of emotions and your conclusion was a hit. If I could sneak in a little red ink... minimize the use of "I" when writing in first person.

Ex."When I reached him, I lowered my hand to touch his shoulder." Another possible way to write it, in my opinion: "I reached him, then lowered my hand to touch his shoulder."

You did a great job with the imagery in this sad story that shows well the hard work and the dedication of soldiers. The little boy gives it an extra special touch.
Touched by an angel? A moving story based on experience, perhaps? You made it real.
This is a poignant and powerful reminder of Gods love!! In this world today where humanity seems to more and more devalue life, it is wonderful to remember how much value we have to God! And how much he wants us to have for each other! Really enjoyed this!
You have conveyed a powerful sense of dignity in the face of pervasive despair. Very well done.
Joshus, I'm so glad for the recognition of EC for this magnificent story of dedication amid horrific circumstances.
Heart wrenchingly beautiful!

My heartfelt thanks to our military for all they are required to do and doing it with grace.
Congratulations on your wins.
Congratulations on your well-deserved placing.
Congratulations, well-deserved!
Congratulations on your first place win! Great job!
Thanks a lot for making me PUKE!
Seriously, excellent job.