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Wow. This is well written and extremely humbling. How many times have I not obeyed that same call? A lesson in the power of prayer, for sure. Thanks!
Okay now, this is the second entry I've written that's given me goosebumps:) Love this. First of all, I love this POV. Good job on that. And I love the description of how the groceries were delivered. A weak point is how the outbreak started, though. That could be punched up a bit and this would be a powerhouse story! Love it! Very good job!!!! :)
A really lovely story, well done.
Great title, which drew me in. I liked the honest POV in your MC, but I feel that eighteen months of 'secret' generosity would be harder to sustain than a kind of double outbreak of two people getting to know each other - (1) the MC breaking out into the generosity and (2) the old lady breaking out of her loneliness.
The conversations and the developing relationship may have rounded up the story better than a brief touch into the wider community.
I love this story for so many reasons. Much to my children's grumbles I'd always suggest they offer to hold a door or put the groceries in an elderly person's car.

Once the lady-thanked my daughter and asked her what church she goes to because she could tell she was brought up right and attended church.

Another memory this sparked is years ago my mom noticed grocery stores throwing away day old bread. It couldn't be sold, but it was still fine for eating she alone started what she called her bread program. After her death it was kept up by those who cared.

Your characters are alive in every town or neighborhood. You are so right that good deeds are contagious and just like a cold by-the time someone catches it from you; you're starting to feel better. Thank for the the message and the jaunt down memory lane.
What a splendid story. I have been on the both the giving end and receiving end of those boxes of blessing. We all need to participate in an outbreak of kindness. Thanks for sharing! God bless!
Congratulations for placing 6th in level three!