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Enjoyed this piece-great writing. Descriptive and emotionally stimulating.
How poignant, your mom's yearning for home. I'm sure many people can identify with your experience; I know I can.
Incredible. I love this piece. Having gone thru something amazingly similar with the woman who raised me, I identified with many of the details and you captured the feeling of relating to someone who has lost the core of who they once were very well. Thanks for writing this piece for me.
You constructed this touching story excellently. In spite of beings sad, it's a wonderful story.
This touched me on many levels. It is so hard to watch our loved ones go through so much. There is no time limit on grief.
This is A beautiful tribute to A wonderful mother. I've heard many people whose parents had Alzheimers say they feet like the mom they knew died a long time before. You also gave me the chance to grieve my mother. This is a beautiful well-written piece.
Powerful story; thank you for sharing it.
You moved me to tears. You write so well, I can experience your mom and your emotions along with you, perhaps because it brings back similar memories for me, too. Those tears do show up when least expected. Your ending was perfect. Thank you!
This is so moving, so deeply personal, and so very well written. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
Such a sweet, tender story. Thanks for sharing! God bless!
I love the scope of the emotions you have identified and taken us through here: from heartache to hope and humour. Beautifully woven with honesty and faith.
Your emotions were so well captured in word in this personal story of grief and dying. I lost my mother 19 years ago. Although a different scenario, the loss of a mother is usually very emtional for years, especially when the coconut cake appears. Thank you for sharing this!
Carole, what a gift, for your mom's one word to be "home." Everything she cherished was in her expression of that word. You related to her spirit to spirit and in the end, sometimes that is all that we can count on. Great telling of a heart-felt story. Thank you.