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The part where the Reverend shouted with the crowd nearly sent chills up my spine. This story offers some probing questions ... if we went back, knowing what we know about Jesus, would we be selfish enough to ask for His death?

I thought you wrapped it up very well.
I like your imaginative glimpse of that first horrendous Easter, especially as you haven't allowed your hindsight to interfere. If he had not died, even at the hands of the lynch mob you have described so well, he could not be a Saviour. For though he looked the victim, he was the only one in control - having the power to lay his life down and take it up again.
A small criticism is where you launch the dream, with a very busy, complicated paragraph, but I find it easy to get so absorbed when writing biblical fiction that it's hard to know how to break it up.
I so get where you are taking me. When I was a teen I went on a retreat celebrating Holy week, each group had to come up with a name based on the heroes in the Easter story.I wanted to name our group Judas because in my teen mind I believed if Judas didn't betray Jesus then he wouldn't have died for my eternity.

I think it's important to show others different ways of thinking. It helps me to figure things out for myself rather than having it force-fed.

You did an outstanding job giving people a fresh perspective on things.Thanks again for a great, suspenseful story. This is in my top 3 so far!
Congratulations for placing 8th in your level!