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Nicely written and a wonderful message.
Effective comparison using the flower image. I'm wondering how it would work to use the name of a flower instead of 'she' and 'her'. Iris? Rose? even Flora? etc. Just a thought.
Awww, wonderful. I am clapping enthusiastically. Or at least in my heart anyhow. Nice name, perfectly fit.
Wow, this is incredible. I disagree with the previous comment about using a name. Sometimes using names takes away from the story, and I think that you chose wisely, especially since the use of "she" and "her" correlates so perfectly with your last line. Thank you for sharing!
I'm finding myself in an introspective spot as I read this line especially spoke to me: "Her willingness to be just what God would have her be inspires artists, provides expression to the romantic, and consoles the heavy hearts of those who mourn."
Great comparison, Encouraging us to embrace the simplicity of our relationship with God, instead of dwelling on the complexities as we so often do.
I love the way you finished - what a challenge. Well done!
Your first sentence is perfection, and an entire devotional all by itself. Beautifully done; the only spot that jarred me, as a reader, was the phrase "...does 'her thing'...". This introduces a bit of idiom in an otherwise very lyrical piece. But that's very minor; this is definitely a favorite of mine this time around.
I agree with Jan - "does her thing" was a bit of a distraction from the lyrical flow of this piece. But this was a WONDERFUL way to start my day. Simply beautiful!
Beautifully done! Perfect flow; great word choices. :)
Lovely :)
Outstanding entry. Loved the prose, the perspective, the closing statement. Wonderfully creative piece. A strong contender, I'm sure.
Blessings, Lynda
Beautiful and inspirational. Loved it.
Beautifully written and engaging.
I too loved the first paragraph most! It took me a second to realize you were talking about a flower and then I thought how well you described her!