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It's a whole new step when death statistics and terminal symptoms start to include family members. All our training and objectivity give us a handle on the process, but not on how we will respond to it. Thank you for your transparency in such a heartfelt view into your own experience, and may God further equip you with care and comfort for others who grieve, as 2 Cor 1: 3-5 point out. I know, as I've also been there as a pastor, whose many hundreds of funerals include those of my own parents.
You have written a beautiful tribute to your father. He left you a legacy of wonderful memories. You are following in his footsteps creating memories for your children that in time, they too shall treasure.
Well written. I too sat with my father during his final hours, so your essay truly touched me.
I haven't been through this with my own parents but I have with my in-laws. It's so very sad but easier to give them up to eternity in Heaven. Why would we want to hold them back? Thank you for sharing. A perfect title, too!
Excellent use of a true story to illustrate your point. Your descriptions were vivid and your reader connection complete. Well done.
Diabetes took my dad from me too, and I can understand how you feel. Sadly, though, my dad went on without the Lord.

It is good sometimes for us to write down our pain because it helps to provide relieve. I wrote a devotional about Coping with Bereavement sometime ago. Handling bereavement is not something easy because our feelings and memories continue to linger on for days, months and even years. We must however not stay in our sorrow. We must instead stay strong. For to those of us whose loved ones have received the Lord, the day shall come where tears shall be wiped away and God shall dwell among us (Revelation 21:3-4).

May the Holy Spirit comfort you whenever you feel sad.

This is done beautifully and a wonderful tribute to your dad It took me back 17 years ago when Mom died at 57. It is sad that my kids never knew her. You did a wonderful job with a story I'm sure was bittersweet for you to write.
Beautiful variety of vocabulary and distribution of eternal truth. I also appreciated the note at the end. Knowing that it was a true story added to its power.

My favorite part is where you wrote that hard times can either tear a person away from God or cause them to turn to Him more than ever before. You made the best choice.
Congratulations for placing 11th in level three!