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What a wonderful testimony of encouragement and of God's love. Definitely written to the topic.
I love reading about stuff I didn't know before. Great read and well written.
What an interesting story! I really enjoyed reading about this man I'd never heard of before.
What a fascinating story, and a powerful testimony of how God can use any one of us who're willing to listen and obey. I'll google 'The Eternity Man.' It's the first I've heard of him.
Great Story. Ive never heard this before. Ill need to read more about it. (Thank you!) The story was very well written; the flow was excellent and the story definitely held my interest.
This is a lovely, powerful story that brought tears to my eyes. Well done.
I first learned of Arthur Stace while researching for the "Eternity" topic. Your story flowed well and kept my interest.
Just a word to bring God's message, for that's really all that matters—eternity. This is a tribute to one who once was lost and then was found. A great story leading me to research more about him. Thanks for sharing this.
Thanks for sharing this story -- I'd never heard of that guy before! Amazing how that one word was a testimony to God's saving, life-changing work in one man's life ... and how He can perform that work in anyone's life who will ask Him.
Wow! What a fascinating story. What a mission, what a calling! You captivate with this story. Great work! I love that it's true!
Congratulations on your 2nd place win in Level 3 and your EC win.
Congratulations Noel on your placing. I thought this entry would do well.
Congrats, Noel! Awesome job with this story! It was inspiring!
Hey, Noel! Congrats on your level ribbon AND your Editor's Choice award!!
Congratulations on your EC Noel and very well deserved. I am thrilled that someone wrote the fuller story of this dear servant of God and his life mission - my own short poem didn't do justice to all that could be said but your account is just great. Congrats again. Margaret
Hooray for your placing in EC, Noel!
This is an excellent article! What a timely reminder when eternity seems to be the last thing so many are thinking or even caring about today!
Oh, I really like this. There was another one about this man, too. But yours took more of a personal and story angle to it. I love it!
This is touched by God's glory and grace! Congratulations!
Wow! Well told story. I have never heard of this man's story before. Wonderful take on this week's topic. I want to learn more.

Congratulations on your EC win.
Extremely interesting piece! I had never heard of Arther Stance before reading this, but I will never forget him now upon hearing the word eternity! Shows whatever small testimonial act any of us can do, can become powerful through God! Thank you for introducing me to Arther Stance, I thoroughly enjoyed the read!