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I liked your story and the dialogue was good. A good twist on the subject too.
As a native Texan, I have to admit I've entertained thought similar to that song. :) Really fun characters!
The banter between this perfect couple was a delight to read. I could picture the scene in my mind easily. Although I may have it heard it before, I don't remember knowing that Jude was Jesus' brother. It makes me want to reread the book with fresh eyes.
I enjoyed the humor in your story through the realistic dialog... and while I've been to Texas and I like the tune to the song, I've an idea heaven isn't going to be much like Texas at all.
Living a good stone's throw from Abilene, I identify with the truth you've written. Preach on, Brother.
Good fun dialogue between your characters, and a very descriptive account. Enough humour to maintain interest. Light nostalgic touch that 'Texas' all back to the good old days...
Haha! Cute story:)
Enjoyed this fun story with a believable dialogue.
Very fun, very cute -- loved the playful banter! It keeps the reader giggling and imparts Scriptural truth at the same time. Well done!
I really like this. It's cute!

Since you mentioned it, I'll take a stab at the "three major errors."
1. "and it is a warning to us to ever mindful of Christ..." is missing the word "be" between "to" and "ever."
2. “I bet they say ‘please” in heaven.” It should be single quotes after "please"
3. "Bob winked, “an eternity?”" The "a" in "an" should be capitalized.

I really did like this, overall. It's very fun, and creative.