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This is a beautiful, poignant story. Your descriptions and character development are very well-crafted. The only suggestion I would make is to take out the phrase "Speaking of no purpose". Just start the paragraph with "The woman walked..." Excellent work!
Good intro, development, and closure. Very inspiring!

"DAISIES...DAY HE SEES..." I will never see daisies in the same way again.
Yep, I agree with Anita - scrap the "Speaking of no purpose..." Other than that, it's awesome! A very pleasant story! Thanks for sharing!
Your story describes so well how most of us would respond and feel. You did a great job of taking us through these emotions and enterweaving God's way of working in our lives. I agree - daisies will always have a special meaning now. I really enjoyed this!
What a great message. And I enjoy the humour that comes across even in what could be a very heavy piece ... like it being difficult to talk and not breathe. I hope that Louisa changed her hygiene habits before joining the business!
Love the play on words!
How wonderful! We often look at others not like ourselves and do not see another of God's special people, but rubbish to be discarded and forgotten. But we must remember-God uses us all to achieve His purpose of togetherness in our lives:)
Wonderful story! Really liked it a lot! Great message!
I love the way you draw the reader into your stories. You have a great gift. This piece is especially creative and bright. Exceptional work!
A well written and awesome story. So powerful that you overcame your prejudice and went into partnership with Louisa. 'Climbed out of her box on Fifth Street' threw me but didn't detract from the story. Yeggy
Beautiful, well-crafted and inspiring. Loved it. As others have said, you have a gift for drawing your readers in. Keep writing.
A well told story -and I liked the play on words.
Hello dear Lynda. Just wanted to pop by quickly and let you know that you ranked 6th in the Level 3 awards, and 11th overall - out of a total of 145 entries, so well done lovely lady!

Personally, I really liked this entry. Love, Deb
Just getting around to reading this now, Lynda. Loved the story. Such sweetness, such hope and so true about getting out of ourselves to help others! Well done. Hugs, Jo