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I love this story! Very well written!

There was a slight point of view (POV) shift at the very end. You write the whole story from Nikki's point of view, but then you switch, and talk about how non of the pedestrians (which would include Nikki) didn't know what was going on. To stay with Nikki's point of view, you could have said something like "Nikki didn't know what was going on, but somehow she felt her prayers were being answered." Perhaps you could even mention how these people looked like the foreign woman who taught her how to pray.

Apart from the POV shift, I loved the ending.
This is very atmospheric material that confrints us with needs that we of internal plumbing and plenty of material blessings know so little about. I love the twist at the end, as God answers her prayer - using thne technology of our internal plumbing etc.
for "confrints" could I suggest we try "confronts?"