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A great profile on the perils of adultescence. Loved the life, the twists and the humour - and the reality (and not reality TV!) Very well-done.
An interesting read. Media influence does not help much when it comes to making decisions without prior experience. There are certainly times when it may be better for someone else to make a decision for us, but our future, its success or failure, very much depends on what we choose. May we learn to choose God to help us make wise decisions and not rely on "taping idiots doing dumb things" to get rich! LOL.
Great story! It is spot on, we do get influenced by the unrealistic portayals of tv life. Very humourous.
Nice! And that's why kids (and some adults) need strong parents - they are so easily swayed. A great read.
Ha! I liked this. Took a while to get going, but glad I stuck around. What a great finish. Very original and so right on the mark. Now, how did you know when all of those shows were on?
Great job.
I roared when you revealed how the Dad knew his son's career choices for the week. I was waiting for him to whip out a tape recorder or wire tap or something more sneakier. Good one, quite entertaining. Great parenting by the dad as well.
Love the revelation at the end! I was starting to pick up on it as it went on, but what a fun read! Great idea for this topic.
An excellent piece. Cleverly written, wonderful dialog, and so true to life. Getting those kids to move out is a did it with humor and practical insight - and showing how much TV influences our lives. :)