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My favorite humor piece for 'weeks' so far. (Okay, so it's the first humor piece I've read for this topic, but really, very funny. I'm still smiling.)

You presented Curtis in high definition. I read a writing tip once about precision, 'dot the dragon's eye and it comes to life'. I'd say you dotted Curtis' eye magnificently, not only with his priceless dialogue, but with little details like, 'tapped the desk with his knuckles' (before walking away). That motion right there brought this likeably repulsive character to life in my mind.
Terrific active, descriptive and over-the-top dialogue, which reminded me of a temporary boyfriend of my niece. He was in our local army reserve unit, but resigned because he didn't like the way it was run. It's doubtful whether there were any mass retrenchments at our medal suppliers because of his departure...
Loved it. Brilliant dialogue, kept me captivated all the way through. I had an overwhelming urge to thump Curtis on his snout! (Sorry, that wasn't very Christian of me was it!) You brough the scene to life so well.
This is absolutely hysterical, I laughed so hard. I could easily picture the MC and see the whole scene play out my This is positively fantastic writing!
With Curtis being so "over-the-top," one immediately anticipates his come-uppance. It was nice to see his green uniform suggestion adopted. I would even have liked to see the rug completely pulled from under the readers' feet by his landing the girl. Engaging writing. :)
I knew a guy like this once. You pegged his personality perfectly. Great read, lots of humor. I really liked not liking him (hope that made sense). Well done.
Oh Curtis, Curtis, Curtis! There's at least one of you in every town, business, school.....

So fun to read!
Congratulations on your placing of this very funny read!
Congratulations on your win.
Congratulations on placing for this "made-me-laugh out loud" wonderful story. You made your mc so class, I could see him, hear him, smell him! Great job!