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Life is precious. It makes me cry to think of how many men, women, and children are unaware of what these globs of cells look like at eleven weeks, or nine weeks, or six weeks, or...
Good writing. An excellent example of what many women "think" about before these murderous procedures. Some decide to not to go through with it and many do not.
You did a great job on this sensitive issue. I like how you showed there wasn't a line that could be drawn. As science progresses and promise are surviving surviving at earlier and earlier weeks, it really proves the point you made, Great job!
This is really good. I expected it to just be from one person's point of view - probably the patients, which has been done over and over, but you managed to flip it over and take both people's side.
My first thought was to admire your skilful word pictures, but then you hooked me into the depth of the thinking - from both sides of the nurse's uniform.
Your title embraces the issue so succinctly. This is a brilliant entry. I hope it places right up there.
A difficult subject and you've done a great job keeping it right on track. This is a great take on this week's topic and a fabulous piece over all.
Wow, that is really powerful, Amanda. Excellent job making this story feel very real; it is very sobering!
This is so well done - the message is powerful and convicting, yet you did no preaching. It seems the Holy Spirit was hard at work in that clinic and in your words.
You've left me silent and in tears.
As far as the story goes, you ministered your point expertly. A very strong piece of writing that gives hope to intercessors praying daily for the unborn and for the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of those who would threaten their lifes. I pray this story had a happy ending for all involved.
Very nice job of approaching a commonly addressed (& very serious) topic from a new angle. Well-handled. :)
Wonderful! I'll be praying for the Holy Spirit to start really convicting the medical professionals who do this (often not by their choice but because they have to provide the service). Very powerful with hope winning in the end!
Beautifully told. I'm glad it was the abortion worker who was being effected...great ending. I do remember a woman's testimony a couple weeks ago on Christian radio. I believe she owned an abortion clinic at one time and it was the advanced technical machinery which convinced her what she was doing was wrong. Very timely piece, especially since this is Right-to-Life month. Well done.
Your title is perfect. My biological mother had an abortion before she had me and gave me up for adoption, so this is a subject near to my heart. Well done.
Congratulations for placing 8th in level 3 and 25th overall!
I'm so glad you wrote this story. I can definitely see God's hand in it. There are so many women facing these tough choices who need to know the truth. I liked how you didn't try to solve everything in the end, but rather left us wondering what would happen. I hope your story will cause many people to stop and pray for frightened women and their unborn children.