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Oh how I understand!
What a difficult situation to deal with! I sure admire this mom’s calm demeanor, at least on the outside. I’m afraid my outside would’ve matched her inside. Aak!

Loved this bit of dialogue: “If he hasn’t called you in the week since he “showed” you how much he loves you, how much love do you think he’ll show in a marriage? Or to a baby?” Young people need to be reminded of this reality.

Nicely written. Fits the topic very well.
Very suspensful and unfortunately true. A very understanding mother and honest daughter. They seem to have a good relationship so whatever the test result you have convinced me they will be fine. When you decide to write, you can really get it done. Great job.
I think I "gulped" right along with the mom! Good words of advice from a wise mom.
I'm dying to know what happens next....nice job with building the story as you went along. I too was impressed with how well the mom handled the crisis.
Lots of emotion in this, lots of heart and just the right words the mother passes along.
Excellent job bringing this story to life, Cat! I could feel the fear and shame that Maria struggled through. I feel bad for young women in her position.
This brought me to tears! The unconditional love of a parent for their child, no matter what mistakes are made. Loved it!
Great concept for this topic. The dialogue felt a bit stilted - maybe some less correct sentences would have loosened it up a bit. Very real drama and tension.
I remember the day our daughter came to us. The situation you wrote about was real. I know because I lived it...twice. My response was pretty much the same as this mother's. Great dialogue, strong emotions. Extremely well written with a great message for young adults.