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A terrific expression of a little girl's love for books. A joy to read.
I think your MC went to the same library as I did as a child. The lions, creaky door, and cranky librarian brought up great memories. Fun story!
This was story telling at its best. Seriously. You had everything...a great voice and personality for your mc, strong imagery, and a little intrigue at the end which she got away with. Well done.
What a brave little girl! I half-expected the librarian to say, Ill get you my pretty & your little dog too! Very entertaining story.
I enjoyed this very much. I always enjoyed the library. Love the smell of books. Great job.
The first half built your MC's personality, and the second half put her into action. I like that the librarian was scary--it shows her inner strength, and what she will brave to get her weekly book fix. The ending is too cute cute! (And it emphasizes her strength.) Very nice!
Such a fun little story. So many of us readers can relate to Little Wendy and what she would go through to read her precious books. Love this one!
A wonderful read. I like the title and your MC's characterization. Good job.
Excellent story telling. Well done.
Sigh. I have a lot of wonderful memories of the library myself. Great story!
You managed to capture my love for the library. You could have been writing about me- wanting to read every book on the shelf. Great story.
Really sweet! I love the attention to the lions, such a typical little girl thing to do.
Congratulations on your win!
Congratulations on your EC!! :)
Congratulations on your win.
I loved this story! Congrats on the EC!
Well done!!!!!!!!!!!! Very glad to see your entry with an EC. I liked it the first time I read it. You have much talent.
I so remember the joy of reading and the library as a child. You caught the true innocence of it all right here. Wonderful and thanks for the walk down memory lane. Congratulations, Kathyran
Excellent word choices.
Very well done!

Congrats on EC! :)