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I enjoyed your story. An excellent description of an elderly person's feelings and life in a "home." As a nurse who worked in nursing homes for many years, I met many "Liliths."
I felt Lillith's disappointment at being let down by her family. You portrayed her very well and your descriptions were excellent. Well done.
This was a hard one to read: which means it was well written! My mother is in a nursing home and I stop to see her every day. It's heartbreaking to see those that don't appear to get many visits.
You told a very good story. I felt for your MC. You made me want to visit her. Good job of getting me involved in the story. Well done.
I wondered if it would end this way, and I hoped it wouldn't. I'm longing for a happily ever after, but that's not always what we're dealt in life. I hope one of her Bible study friends comes to check on her! Your MC feels so real to me...I truly care about her.
You did a good job of pulling us into Lilith's world. The name fit her so well. I could see and feel everything. Your descriptions were strong. Well done.
This entry broke my heart. Three of my grandparents have been in a nursing home and I could picture this so vividly. SO well done.
Real insights into the loss of connectedness among older people who need to maintain family contact as much as peer group company to stop feeling lonely. Yet you maintained some humour in your MC's relaxed dress sense. Vey sensitively written.
A very sad and lonely tale. It's a great reminder that what may take an hour or two out of our schedule could be the event that gives a person hope and meaning for the rest of the week.
This story speaks volumes. Being both a nurse and frequent inpatient at the hospital I so understand the feelings of your MC.

When I am hospitalized my roommate is what I lovingly refer to as a lol-which meant little ole lady long before laugh out loud. They often are lonely and seem to be forgotten.

I get very protective of my roommates and do my best to ease their loneliness. Your story just propels me to make my dream of getting a small therapy dog and go visit those in the nursing homes and hospital.

Your story helped give me the strength to make this dream a reality. Great job with wonderful showing of how the elderly can feel.
Heart breaking! We ourselves could be the next Lilith.
Congratulations for placing 7th in level 3 and 23rd overall!