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Very powerful writing and the title is absolutely perfect!
Very interesting trip through the Greek philosophers. You tied Paul's episode in very well. It's obvious you spent a great deal of time and effort on this work. Thanks for sharing.
An excellent overview of the competing philosophical systems of Athens. (I thought you promised us a humour-less story this time? But maybe dreadful puns don't count as humour!)
I meant to comment also on the smattering of Greek words and terms that leant your piece an authentic feel. Nicely done without showing off!
Wow - an awesome look at what Paul faced when he presented his brilliant sermon. This really did put it all in perspective.
This is so descriptive and very powerful. I particularly love one of the middle paragraphs where you speak of Paul's words as 'harnessed lightning'.. Also the reminder that came from 'Paulus face looked tear-stained' - a real reminder of the deep love of Christ in the heart of His servant. Great writing.
Having discussed this with the author, I can reveal that the term "barbarian" originally had nothing to do with the cruelty we now connect it with. It simply meant "uncultured," or unable to speak Greek, which was such a noble tongue. The Greeks dismissed other languages as sounding like sheep, so the pun is not the auther's own property. The author also wishes to keep his own Greek ancestry a secret, lest he get into trouble.
Excellent idea and well executed. The beginning exposition was a little slow for me, but your descriptions were perfect. Well done.
It was almost like being there!
Congratulations for placing 6th in level 3!
Excellent writing Noel. You must have given a lot of thought and time to this article. A well deserved 6th place at level 3. Congratulations!