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Well said!
You make some very valid points. I think how the name of the generations have changed from the Baby Boomers to Gen. X to the present kids are referred to as the Me Generation. This is a period of self-entitlement By giving our kids everything we've created a generation whofeel.. Thankfully not kids today have that attitude, but as you point out we must be vigilant.
interesting to hear some american history (being a Brit i am earning alot) and i found it informative.
i note that you begin with saying you are going to describe that war era through the eyes of an eight year old. somehow to me that did not come across in the writing.
A good thumbnail sketch of the changes that WW2 forced on us. But while you start with a memory from 1941 when your MC was eight, you end with insights that belong to a more mature mind. Despite this, the insights hit the spot.
I guess I never thought about the "snowball" effect of having women go to work during World War II. I was born a few years after the war and my mother working was just a part of family life. Good thoughts.