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Thank you for your testimony. Isn't it wonderful what God can do in our marriage when we surrender it to Him!
Yeah, God is the God of Relationships, isn't he? He's so good to us.
Thanks for the blessing, Floyd
Some habits/traditions never change (like flowers on Easter morning)....and yet others are resurrected into something new! This is a powerful testimony, and timely since I'm reading it while burdened by a friend's relational distress. Your message reminds me that there is always HOPE.
I love this entry - it is heart-felt and very well written. I have a sister-in-law going through the same thing so it hits close to home.
One teensy-tiny detail (and I'm only mentioning this because my mom instilled it in me when I was growing up), the line, "the distance between Dave and I grew," should read, "between Dave and me." I always tend to pick up on the "me / I" thing while reading.
Wonderful piece. A strong contender, I'm sure.
Blessings, Lynda
Full circle - from father to son. What a sweet tradition to carry on.
A lovely testimony, full of hope and inspiration, well told and made all the better by its honesty. God bless.
Wonderful, wonderful!
What a beautiful story of hope and love! I feel like I know these two. Your characterizations were endearing and real.
I love the ironic ending after the happy ending. Good job!