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Monica might want to sing along with Ferlin Husky on his hit song, "On the Wings of a Dove." She could sing it with appropriate feeling. What fun.
I wasn't sure where the story was going until the end. But the ending did make me smile!
This was funny, but with a touch of sadness. However I did laugh at the pigeon toe remark and the Author's note had me giggling as well. It's always good to have a dream!
This is so whimsical that we get caught up in the dream of it all only to have you smash it for us. Awesome story, anyway:)
An excellent build up to the funny twist at the end. Thanks!
I'm so glad you informed us that this wasn't true. :) What a great clever story, so skillfully woven, towing your reader to the skies until you burst the fantasy bubble with the pigeon-towed :) What an imagination! What fun! Love it!
I should have known I was in for a wild ride. Oh my! I know you had fun writing this. I did while reading it--a whole story based on a pun!
I soooooooo did not see the ending coming. Oh my, oh my. Lots of talent, great story telling, strong archaic feel to it and then pigeon-towed? It's a good thing you weren't here when I read this or I would have hit you and hurt you. Of course, I would have been laughing too hard to do too much damage.
I will never see the white cliffs of Dover again without remembering your pigeons! I was well away in fairyland with this one and such a witty ending. I was expecting it to be something to do with pigeon pooh. Mucky little beggars!
Congratulations for placing 13th in level three and 29th overall!