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I like this nice little The title is great! My hardest birthday was 25 I couldn't believe I Was a quarter of a century. Now so is only 5 years away oh to be 25 again! Great story!
Charming! I liked your characterizations and I always love it when the "loser" wins. I enjoyed this story.
Clever title! And your dialogue is great--you have the knack! This is a fun read. I'd love to know what happens next. (:
Awwww - love at first sight. I enjoyed this from beginning to end. Keep writing so we will know what happens next :o).
I like the title, the dialog, the story and most of all the ending. Good job.
I enjoyed the story all the way through. You did an especially good job with characterization.
Very fun, readable, and awwww -- a romantic cliff-hanger! Great job with it!
I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was an appreciated change to see this interlude of romance through the eyes of a gentleman. I too, would like to read more!
Loved this one. Poor old (or young - in my case) Gary with rocks in his head and Gina on his mind. Loved the dialogue and the twist at the end. Maybe a suitable closing hymn might be "Blest be the tie that binds our hearts...?"
You pulled me in with the title and kept me entertained clear through. Loved this!
Such a fun take on the topic. Really enjoyed it! Your characters are great.
Ahhhh...thank you for a fun entry! Lots I've been reading haven't been fun. Cute story. Love your title. lol. PERFECT:)
A sparkling gem - fun, tight, and leaving me wanting more. Good job.