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Loved this line! "In order to accommodate the ever-shifting tummy roll, I have had to throw sexy out the window and switch underwear gears." Combining the use of humor and grief is befitting to the process. I got a kick out of this.!
You have a great sense of humor! This was a delight to read! I'm the opposite though I blame my weight gain on-fluid retention! To each his own, I guess:)
Old age may not be glamorous, but for now it beats the alternative! Very clever use of honest humour with no cheap shots or resentment. No shortage of detail, either.
This was hilarious and reminds me of something Erma Bombeck would have written.

Love the line about the diaper wipes. :)

I could see this as a stand-up comedy routine!
Awww, lovely revelation. Though I'm not yet struggling with age, I struggle with accepting other health issues and choosing to embrace the life I have rather than seek after the life I image would be ideal. Thanks for the encouragement and great article!
Congratulations! I knew this piece would do well. Whenever you use your sense of humor you are able to have many people see themselves through those slightly blurry but hysterical eyes!
Oh, this is great! I really enjoyed this one (probably more so because, unfortunately, I can relate to a lot of it! ;-)) Congrats on the placement!
Absolutely delightful! Number one in my book! (maybe it's because I can sloop relate!). I just haven't reached the "surrender" part yet, unfortunately.
Loved this article! It was profoundly funny and I found myself relating to quite a bit of your ADL's!

God Bless You~
Anne, I'm going to feature this on the Front Page Showcase for the week of January 2. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page--and congratulations!