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Lovely poem, and nice rhythm. The fact that some stanzas rhymed and some didn't threw me off a bit, but perhaps it's a style I'm not familiar with.
I like this. The rhythm a tiny bit out in a couple of spots, but the story behind the poem is wonderful. I could see it happening as I read...the orchestra, the princely bow, your head on his shoulder, the kiss in the moonlight... okay, so you didn't exactly say that, but I'm a romantic lol.
Such lovely imagery and the visual layout of the poem matches beautifully. I enjoyed it very much...guess I'm a romantic too!
Very sweet. I liked the theme of dance in looking at their love and lives together. I enjoyed reading this...thanks for sharing it!
I enjoyed the progression of your poem. I especially liked this line:

You showed me how to define our dance
With true love; the order of each day
We progressed to classical ballet.

Good job.

Beautiful imagery with a romantic mood, and an endearing message.
Cheryl picked out my favorite lines as well. Lovely.

Definitely romantic! :)
You had me sitting in that chair with my heart skipping a beat! Love your romantic heart and imagery of the dancing years.
Cheers for the out-of-the-box story and format! Very enjoyable story, although as with others, I found it a bit difficult when the rhythm caused me to stumble a bit. But then, I'm not very sophisticated with poetic styles, and I appreciate this chance to enlarge my experiences and interests.
Beautiful imagery and romantic interludes! Lovely. (:
Lovely romance. Sweet and nostalgic, a perfect balance.
This is very romantic. I really like your little DaNCe between your stanzas. Very creative piece.
I've tears in my eyes. This is a beautiful romance. It reminds me of the song, "May I have this dance for the Rest of my Life."