The Official Writing Challenge
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Thanks for the devotional that suggests we take things in, instead of flitting by without noticing. We don't have red cardinals in our country but I saw a beauty when I was in the States.
What a wonderful inner self portrait, testimony and reminder to all of us! You had me reminiscing at my own self indulgence on everyone of yours. :)
Thanks for reminding me that I need to live right this moment. Life is short, don't waste. You made a good point.
Right on, Shann! I needed that reminder to experience and appreciate every moment. It is too easy when we are not feeling well to keep thinking of "some" day. Thank you.
Very nice entry. I relate to it completely. I've found myself wishing my days away - always ready for the next thing. Awesome devo!
Oh wow, I can so relate to your message, especially getting to the next season of life. I try to remember how cold winter was when we're in the midst of a heat wave and visa versa. :) I had to smile at your praying during a red light. (that's perfect!) Your "Quote for the Day" brightened mine!
What a wonderful reminder. The message is conveyed engagingly. Well done.
I absolutely loved this devotion! It spoke right to my heart. Excellent job!
In a contest/challenge where we judge the writing ability in many measures, this gave me pause.
Is anything better than the written word that affects another to stop and think? In this we have a winner, not because of an 'out-of-the-box' piece, but because of something worth saying was written.
I needed this. Thank you.
We certainly need to live in the moment and enjoy every second God has given to us on this beautiful earth! May all of us be always thankful and grateful to God and may our hearts be content in the knowledge that God is in control of all things. Thank you for sharing this devotional. God bless.
I could SO relate! It's amazing how many precious moments we waste wanting to be in a different one. I liked your reminder to be in the now. I needed that today.