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I was right there with you. What a beautiful picture of the treasures within that tiny flower, and the treasures that are hard to see at times in your students.

May God use you powerfully in maturing and releasing the potential in your students. And may He give you refreshment when needed ... within the intrusion of a security camera.
WITHOUT the intrusion of the security camera ... that's what I meant! But within the safe boundaries of HIS all-knowing sight!
I like this biologist guy! He turned an awkward moment into a blessing.
I loved your choice of words; a very descriptive piece. I could envision the entire setting very well! Well done!
I want to see the tiny flower, too! I like your description of the woods and the thoughtfulness of the scientist guy. What a great story:)
Wow! What skillful characterization! Great story!
Yes the characterization was very well done, making me sympathetic from the very beginning and aching to know why your character was so upset. What a long way a kind word or gesture can go.
Yes, I coulc see the whole area too. Little miracles all about us waiting for breakthroughs, just like those within us waiting to bloom!
A very interesting story - left me wondering how she got where she was though. I think this has a lot of potential to be expanded on into a longer story -you've got me curious : )