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this is a lovely piece. you packed s much into the words count and reminded me that i too have stacks of those type of papers that need clearing out. I am not exactly sure where the "blue moon" came into it unless it was that only "once in a blue moon" did the spring clean happen :-)
I get lost in past memories, too, when I go through papers. I like your title. It fit very well for this story. Nice job.

You may have wanted to hit the topic harder to make sure it wasn't hidden but it should be okay. Most only do these things once in a blue moon, for sure:)
Great use of language. A lot said in your word count. I like your message at the end.Thanks for sharing.
Sometimes, it's worth a trip to Office Depot to get a new box of folders... but that's just me. It's true that often we have to confront our past in order to move on, and you portrayed that with heart-rending and moving realism. Well done.
I so identify/. Great job. Super title. Very well written.
Your very well written story reminded me to get rid of symbols of memories that drag me done. Your conclusion was a great witness.
Well done. I could feel the anguish, then the peace of the main character. Wonderful writing.
A very nice entry with some very good dialog! Kudos!
You did a really nice job with this piece - I could definitely feel the "healing rain" as the MC confronted old hurts. Good job!