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Oh my, your last line! LOL! You definitely know your music (instruments, jazz, and composers). I enjoyed traipsing though your story from one [altered :) ] song title to the next. You are a master at creativity, setting up the story, adding details, then delivering the punch line. :)
Wonderful in every way. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of music and your talent with words.
Yes, I LOVED Audrey Hepburn in that movie and I LOVE this entry! It's so creative and original that I hope you win big time with it! Kudos!
Wow, this is hilarious! Your sense of humor is amazing, and I love the PDQ Bach-style fractured titles. A great read!
Enjoyed this read! I was able to picture the whole story and especially the latter half of the competing twin. Excellent!
Great story - reminds me a little of Sonny's Blues, but different. Very well written! Im amazed that you could fit all this in 750 words!

This story is one of the best.
Music isn't my best area, so I think I may have missed a joke or two. But I enjoyed the tempo and laughed in the end!